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Finding Best Face Lift Creams

Wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet, these are some of the common facial problems that you have to deal with once the aging process starts. Most women, including a number of celebrities, try to turn back the aging tide by investing in plastic surgery or chemical injections. Other much hyped treatments like botox and microdermabrasion are not only invasive and time-consuming, but can also burn a hole in your pocket. Face lift creams have recently hit the market as an anti-aging skin care product. They are affordable and a safer alternative to surgery. So can a simple non-surgical face lift cream actually help you regain your youthful look? Here is a look at some of the factors that make these creams the popular method of reducing the ugly wrinkles and age lines.


Acetyl Hexapeptide: Also known as Argireline, this amino acid is a clinically proven anti-aging ingredient that reduces the fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the amount of nerve stimulation in the area. Used around the mouth, eyes, and forehead, this ingredient can effectively reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid, also known as Hyaluronan or HA, is usually present in the skin dermis. Its water retention capacities help to keep the skin smooth and repair skin wounds. Along with this, the face lift cream ingredient also helps in restoring collagen which is an integral skin constituent that helps retain the elasticity of the skin.

Vitamins A, E and C: Earlier, dermatologists were unsure whether topical use of the vitamins could stop the anti-aging process. However, it has been found that the presence of vitamins A, E, and C which are also antioxidants, have been quite effective against the aging process. These anti-aging vitamins for women not only reduce the damage caused by the oxidation process, but also decreases the signs of aging that is caused by the oxidation process and fights the free radicals. Moreover, the presence of vitamin C helps in the collagen buildup in the skin and helps reverse the signs of aging.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Derived from fruit and milk sugars, alpha hydroxy acids contained in face lift creams works as an exfoliant while also helps in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. This helps reduce mottled pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness that is associated with aging skin. However, it is important to keep in mind that excess of the acids can cause skin damage and peeling. Most of these have concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids at 5% to 8% and at a pH of 3 to 4. Since one of the major side effect of this chemical is sun sensitivity, most of the products should have effective sunscreen formulations.

Other anti-aging ingredients in these creams include retinoids, peptides, green tea extracts, and glycol-ceramides.


Rénergie Microlift by Lancôme: One of the best face lift creams by Lancôme, this anti-aging cream comes with R.A.R.E. technology that basically has a rebuilding effect on the skin. It helps in significantly decreasing the fine lines around the mouth, eyebrows, and forehead. The micro-lifters in the product contain Dermo-bonding peptides that tighten and lift the skin.

Clinique Repairwear Lift Firming Night Cream: Containing ingredients like retinol, whey protein, peptides, and vitamins E and C, this formulation from Clinique helps fight the signs of aging. This night cream helps restore the skin with its silky, smooth, and oil-free finish. It is available for different skin types which includes combination oily to oily, dry combination and dry to very dry.

Biofirm Lift Night by Biotherm: This night cream contains microcirculation stimulants like ginkgo biloba which help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles by filling up the creases. This helps in your skin looking not only youthful but also radiant and significantly less puffy.

While these face lift creams and other anti-wrinkle skin care products do promise to get rid of the age wrinkles, it is only in the minor wrinkling or fine line cases that these creams actually work. Remember that the creams will not produce some miraculous result like a surgery. However, rather than resorting to painful methods that can cause long-lasting side effects, it is best to use a good skin firming or face lift cream that not only reduce the pores and wrinkles, but also keeps the skin moisturized and healthy.

Beauty Secrets for Your Face

No matter who you are on the inside, if your face flaunts rich, glowing skin, and a dazzling smile, it is likely to send across positive vibrations to those who look upon it. So where does all that wisdom about beauty being skin deep and seeking beauty of the soul by looking beyond the face go? Well, they remain confined to the few deep thinkers and a handful of philosophers who form an insignificant minority of the human society. Intelligentsia has, indeed, been confined to a minority status since the very dawn of civilization! That being said, I request the lector benevole not to doubt my sense of visual aesthetics! Beauty is, by no means, something that shouldn’t be coveted! Many a philosopher and poet has sung praises glorifying material and physical beauty, besides immortalizing the beauty of the mind and the soul.

Your facial features and skin, along with the hair on your head, together make your face look the way it does. As such, the quality of these directly affects the way you look. As much as well formed features, porcelain skin, and a luxuriant mane can add to the aesthetic appeal of your face, unhealthy skin that is too dry or too oily with rough, wiry, unmanageable hair, can make even perfect features look unattractive, to say the least! So how do you make sure your face looks its best at all time? The following segment lays down some useful beauty tips for your face which, when followed, will impart a natural attractiveness to your face and entire persona!

Beauty Secrets for Facial Skin

Make up and cosmetic/corrective surgery can radically change the way you look, but these quickies usually are just that – quickies! While they achieve the desired result in a short span of time, the effects don’t last for a very long time either! Natural beauty tips, on the other hand, may take longer to achieve the desired effects, but they last way longer! Also, since natural remedies take longer and require to be followed on a regular basis, they turn into healthy habits that often end up being followed for the rest of one’s life. This proves even more beneficial in the long run. On that note, here are some natural beauty tips for the face, that will give you rich, smooth, glowing skin, and a complexion that is as clear as a mountain spring!

Give in to Aqua Pura
Get hooked to plain drinking water! By detoxifying the body and flushing out impurities, water imparts a healthy glow to the skin, and reduces the frequency and intensity of skin conditions such as acne, pimples, etc. It also hydrates the body which is evidenced by soft and supple skin! Besides, drinking lots of water everyday delays the appearance of wrinkles, as it keeps the moisture levels of the skin intact. Oh! Need I tell you that drinking sufficient amounts of water cuts down calories as well?

Three Cheers for the Vitamins!
Not for nothing have vitamins A, C and E been regarded as the anti-aging vitamins since ages! The rich antioxidant effects of vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as the soothing and restorative effects of vitamin A, together combine to form the most potent alliance of beauty secrets for aging skin. Eat lots of citrus fruits and green, leafy vegetables, to load yourself with vitamin C. Yellow and reddish-orange fruits and dark green vegetables are rich sources of vitamin A, as are dairy and poultry items. Nuts, cereals, vegetable oils and oilseeds and fish oils are a rich source of vitamin E. Including these foods in your daily diet will make you younger and fitter from within, the effects of which will show on your face, skin, and hair quality.

Beauty Care – The Usual Fare!
No list of beauty guides for the face would be complete without the usual CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing, silly!) routine. Clean your facial skin with a mild soap or a soap-free cleanser, at least twice a day, and splash your face with water every time you come in after an outdoor stint. Deep cleanse your skin at least once a week by steaming your face and exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of the dead cells and blackheads. Moisturize your face every time you wash it with soap or a soap-free face wash. During the summer months, you can dab your face with a natural skin toner (such as rose-water) after cleansing during the day, to keep it from becoming oily or sweaty. If your skin happens to be too greasy, you can use a mild astringent instead of a toner. However, do apply a mild, non-greasy moisturizer when you cleanse your face before calling it a day.

Besides drinking lots of water, prepping up your vitamin intake, and following the CTM routine, you may want to treat your facial skin to the goodness of herbal or homemade face masks, made form natural ingredients like sandalwood paste, turmeric, olive oil, honey, egg white, egg yolk, lemon juice, rose-water, glycerin, fresh fruit pulps, cucumber juice, etc. The most important among all beauty secrets for the face is to quit smoking and cutting down the alcohol intake, as they tend to accelerate the rate of dermal aging by dehydrating your body, and introducing toxins and harmful chemicals into your system. Although nature may be responsible for making a beautiful face the way it is, it is totally up to you to keep it that way! Follow the above mentioned tips and get a healthy, natural beauty, that comes from within, and which has its own class of attraction that’s hard to resist. Top it up with that dazzling smile of yours, and you’ll have the whole world eating out of your hands!

Ways to Make Solid Perfumes at Home

Let’s get the supplies
1) Beeswax
2) Carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
3) Fragrance oil of our choice (sandalwood, rose, vanilla, etc.)
4) Container to hold the perfume
5) Double boiler

How to make it
1) Depending on our requirement, crush the beeswax in a container and add equal amount of carrier oil to it.
2) Heat the mixture of crushed beeswax and carrier oil using a double boiler. If a double boiler is not available, place the container carrying the mixture in boiling water.
3) Once the beeswax has melt completely, add the selected fragrance oil to it, and stir using a thin stick.
4) After mixing properly, pour the mixture in the final container and leave it to harden for 30 minutes.

Using Petroleum Jelly

Let’s get the supplies
1) Petroleum jelly (original clear Vaseline can be used for best results)
2) Carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.)
3) Fragrance oil of our choice (sandalwood, rose, vanilla, etc.)
4) Container too hold the perfume
5) Small container to mix the oils
6) Double boiler
How to make it
1) Take half a spoon of carrier oil in a small container and add 20-25 drops of fragrance oil to it.
2) Take a heat-safe container and add a teaspoon of petroleum jelly to it.
3) Heat it using a double boiler or by keeping the heat-safe container in boiling water.
4) It may take a minute or less for the jelly to melt completely; once melted, add the mixed oils to it.
5) Stir the mixture well using a toothpick.
6) After mixing it properly, pour it in a clean container and let it set for about 30 minutes.

Some Useful Tips

1) If the mixture of beeswax and carrier oil becomes too thick after melting, extra carrier oil can be added.
2) Add 10-15 drops of oil for a tablespoon of beeswax (more or less can be added, depending on how strong we want our perfume to be).
3) Do not heat the mixture directly or in a microwave. Let the mixture melt at low or medium heat.
4) Do not use a tablespoon or a thick stick to stir the mixture.

Experiment with different fragrances to experience divine smells!

Beauty Regimen Before Wedding for You

download-33Bridal beauty, the glow on the face of a bride; these are phrases that we hear often enough before a wedding. But how is it that every bride looks so gorgeous on the day of her wedding? While the happiness that the day brings definitely adds to the charm of the bride, it also has a lot to do with the fact that most brides follow a stringent beauty regimen before their wedding. And why not? After all, everyone wants to look their best on the day of their nuptials. We tell you how to ensure that you are every bit the glowing bride on your big day.

Beauty Tips to Follow Before Your Wedding

Every bride looks gorgeous on the day of her wedding. It is generally a foregone conclusion. But, it does take months of getting ready for the D-day. It is important that you follow a good cleansing program. Do not forget the mantra of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Try to use a skin exfoliating cream or face pack at least once in a week. Take appointments for regular facials, skin cleaning procedures, manicures, and pedicures. It is also important to consult a dermatologist for any conditions that you are worried about and you think will mar your beauty. Oil your hair regularly and wash it well. Start going for regular deep conditioning treatments. The tiniest things go a long way when you are preparing yourself for a wedding.

Beauty Regimen Timeline

6 Months
When you start your beauty regimen, it is important that you set aside an amount for it in your wedding budget. Look out for offers for brides at salons and spas. Many places have specifically tailored bridal packages.
While it may seem unnecessary to make all the appointments so early, it is better to do that than to be stuck in a situation where your regular hairdresser is not available or the makeup artist you wanted for your wedding is out of town.
This is the perfect time to start on any skin or hair treatments that you want to. Consult a dermatologist and put yourself in a skin care program. Even if you have the most flawless skin on the planet, it may need some professional help. Start a skin program tailored to suit your skin type.
Most brides-to-be tend to ignore their hands and nails. Now is the time to start opting for regular manicures and preparing your nails for the d-day. Use nail strengtheners and cuticle builders if you do not want to put fake nails.
Being fit and having a figure that you can flaunt will only help you feel better about your appearance on the day of your wedding. So, this may be a good time to start on a fitness regime. Start eating right and working with a personal trainer.

3 Months
At three months, all your appointments for the day before the wedding should have been made and fixed. This includes your appointment for a manicure, a pedicure, hair removal procedures, facials, etc.
This is the time that you should start talking to your hairstylist about the look for the wedding day. If you want, you can experiment with your hair, so that even if it is not a look that you are comfortable with, your hair will grow out in the time before the wedding. Talk to your stylist about what looks they think you can wear for your wedding.
This may also be the right time to talk to your makeup artist about the look that would look best on you. It may also be a good idea to talk to your wedding photographer about what he or she thinks are the looks that will look the best in the photographs.

2 Months
Now is the time to make all the final decisions regarding your look for the wedding day. Confirm with the hairstylist about your hair do for the final day.
You also need to meet your makeup artist to decide for once and for all, your look for the day.
If you are undergoing skin treatments, then this is the time to consult your dermatologist about any changes that you think are needed for your regimen.

2 Weeks
Two weeks before the wedding is when you should start getting your final treatments. If you have an appointment with your hairstylist, then this is the time to get your final haircut, coloring procedures, and extension attachments.
By now you should also be done with the final leg of your skin treatment procedures. Talk to your dermatologist on how you need to maintain skin care in the future.

1 Week
Just one week left for the big day. If you have planned well, then there is not much that you need to do. It may be advisable for you to spend some time preparing a kit of beauty products that you are going to use, both on the day of the wedding, and for your honeymoon.
Now is also the perfect time to go for a last facial before the wedding day. Also, treat yourself to a pedicure and a manicure.
Any hair removal process that you want to undergo should be kept for this time before the final day.
Pamper your hair by getting a deep conditioning treatment or a good oil massage and wash.
Day Before
Book into a spa for a body massage to relax yourself before the biggest day of your life. Pamper yourself completely.
Get conditioning and moisturizing treatments for your hand and your feet.
Remember to always get a good night’s sleep before your wedding, as you want to be completely relaxed on the d-day.

On the Day of the Wedding
On your wedding day, it is important that you eat well and stay away from any caffeine based drinks.
Give yourself enough time before the ceremony so that your hairstylist and your makeup artist can work their wonder.
Remember that this is your day and no one is more important. Just relax and enjoy the day as nothing will make you look more beautiful.

These are some of the most important beauty tips for women who are about to get married. Your wedding day will be the most important day in your life and it is essential that you look gorgeous on that day. Following a good beauty regimen can actually go a long way in ensuring that you definitely steal the show on your big day.

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